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About Ernesto Fagnilli's Historical Fiction Novel, The Death Ingot

Pittsburgh during the Steel Industry

During the boom of Pittsburgh's steel industry, businessmen and contractors were scrambling to get a piece of the action. The Death Ingot uncovers the history and mysteries of Pittsburgh during this time. Ernesto, a piping contractor, encounters the local Pittsburgh mafia with ties to the New Jersey mob, racketeering stockbrokers, and steel magnates. These figures of business and industry open Ernesto's eyes to the dark underbelly of Pittsburgh amidst the growth of the steel industry.

Inspired by true events, The Death Ingot takes the reader on a historical and action-packed adventure twisting and turning through the plot while encountering some of the most memorable characters. Ernesto's love interest, Stella Pina, a beautiful and intelligent businesswoman, becomes intertwined with Ernesto and his quest. Their romance blossoms throughout the book allowing the reader to truly connect to their passion for one another. Page by page with the help of Ernesto and Stella, the reader gets closer and closer to uncovering the truth about the phenomenon steelworkers are calling, the death ingot.

Ingots are used in steel fabrication. They are cast into shapes so that further processing and heating is easier for the workers. In the historical fiction novel, The Death Ingot, steelworkers begin to tell stories of sickness and death believed to be caused by poisoned ingots. Pick-up your copy, audio CD, or e-book today to uncover the mysteries of Pittsburgh's steel industry and the death ingots.

About the Author, Ernesto Fagnilli

Ernesto Fagnilli, Italian American Author

Ernesto Fagnilli is an Italian-American author and native Pittsburgher hailing from Pittsburgh's Little Italy also known as the neighborhood of Oakland. Ernesto's father was an Italian immigrant that came over from the old country to work in the steel mills during Pittsburgh's steel industry boom.

As an Italian-American, Ernesto has deep connections to both his family and with his fellow Italian brothers who worked in the steel mills. These connections gave him first hand knowledge of what was really going on inside the mills and allowed him the opportunity to hear the millworker's stories. These stories became Ernesto's inspiration for writing the novel, The Death Ingot.