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Meet the Main Characters of The Death Ingot

Ernesto Bianco of The Death Ingot

Ernesto Bianco:

The main character. He is an Italian-American man born in Oakland’s “Little Italy”. His parents immigrated to the United States from Pizzoferrato, Italy in the early twenties. As a major Contractor within the City of Pittsburgh, he finds himself involved in racketeering and corrupt business dealings. He unexpectedly finds himself in harms-way with the New Jersey Mafia Mob. His life becomes intertwined between mystery, passionate romance and suspense, as he and Stella find true love. Leukemia, contracted by working at the Pittsburgh steel industry with contaminated steel ingots, kills his father. Ernesto’s action adventure unfolds in the historic streets of Pittsburgh during its robust steel days.

Stella Pina of The Death Ingot

Stella Pina:

Ernesto’s new found love. A passionate skiing weekend with Ernesto at his Seven Springs Mountain chalet, finds her life in danger when Ernesto, in the darkness of the night, is confronted face-to-face by the mob. Stella could hear the click of a shot gun. Afterwards she exclaims, “I have never been so scared in all my life. It didn’t seem to bother you at all. Is this how you live, Ernesto?” Terrified, in silence, she prayed for her safe return to Pittsburgh, PA.

Piccolo Pollo of The Death Ingot

Piccolo Pollo: (Ice Man)

Born in Sicily, Italy. He was a mafia made-man with old ties to the New Jersey families. His eyes were cold and piercing. He had no conscience and could kill people without any thought. The thriving, lucrative, steel industry in Pittsburgh made it easy for his corruption, racketeering, and money laundering. The Pittsburgh barges and rivers may never churn up the remains of his work.

Jimmy Jones of The Death Ingot

Jimmy Jones (J.J.):

A tall man, six feet four inches of all muscle, that towered like a mountain. He had a leathery face with large hands. He was a true depiction of a rough, hardcore steelworker. He was also a Second World War veteran that had fought in Saipan, Japan. J.J. brought this historical fiction novel to light at the Silver Dollar Shot and Beer Boiler Maker Salon, located on the Southside of Pittsburgh. The stories he shared remain, to this day, mysteries of Pittsburgh past.

Joanne Morris of The Death Ingot

Joanne Morris:

An ambitious Pittsburgh newspaper reporter that uncovers the truth about the contaminated ingots that were linked to the death of the steelworkers. Her tenacity wanes as her life is threatened when she is visited by two government officials and was warned not to ever print this story or ever reveal it to anyone or her identity would be ruined.